SEO – The Golden Ticket to Leveraging Your Big Budget Competitors

For so many small businesses today, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a way of continuing to grow your business when you are up against the monster cash flows of your big brand competitors.One thing you must understand as a small business owner, is that when you see or hear the adverts on the TV and or the radio from those big brand competitors seldom does it lead to the consumer walking directly into their store. In the rapidly evolving psychology of our consumers, they will most likely seek guidance and confirmation from Google (which loves SEO) and other search engine facilities to research their options further.Well in this article we hope to enlighten you about SEO (search engine optimisation) which is the golden ticket to growing your small business and using the powerful budgets of your competitors to your advantage. Endless possibilities arise when you introduce a cost effective, intelligent SEO or search engine optimisation campaign for your small business.The Big Brand Ads mean Opportunity in the Search Engines using SEOLet’s use well known Electrical Appliance Giant Rick Hart as an example. After some very basic keyword and SEO research I have figured out that every month in Australia over 27,000 people search in Google for “Rick Hart”. And if you combine that with the other few handfuls of SEO search terms which surround his brand name you may even get to just over 30,000 searches per/month.So obviously, what’s happening here? Yes you got it, people are seeing those TV ads, listening to those radio commercials and deciding to head to Google and search for his brand name and website, and this is where SEO is important! These traditional forms of advertising are costing him thousands upon thousands, which is much more than what your small business can afford right?So right about now you are wondering how can your business capitalise on this with SEO? Well it’s really simple, and it’s called SEO. All you need to do if you are a competing business is to create a complimentary page on your website which talks about Rick Hart and his great successes as a local electrical appliance expert and SEO optimise it in the search engines. With some careful planning and guidance from an SEO or search engine optimisation expert, before you know it you will be sitting right below his website at #2 on the first page of Google or you might even jump above him.This means that every time those 30+ thousand people search for “Rick Hart” in Google, your websites clever SEO will make you the beneficiary of a large portion of those visitors searching for Rick Hart. By the way, I did some SEO research and figured out that the very page which sits right below the Rick Hart website at #2 in Google does not have a single back link pointing towards that page and this means that they are there by default and not through intelligent SEO optimisation.Essentially what I am saying here is that many people don’t think of leveraging the power of SEO or search engine optimisation against their competitors and they also don’t consider just how easy it might be to gain valuable search engine rankings for such a large volume of visitors. All this is made possible because of their multi-million dollar marketing budgets.You might be saying that it’s not beneficial for me to speak about my competitors on my very own website, but there is certainly a science behind encouraging the visitors to your website to move in a direction that you wish for them to take. While they may have found your website by searching for Rick Hart and your clever ability to SEO his brand name, once they arrive at your website you can strategically present them with offers and information about your business which captivates them and encourages them to contact you.Let’s remember, the visitor is probably much more interested in Electrical Appliances when they are searching in Google rather than Rick Hart himself.So how is SEO a more cost effective way to advertise my small business?Well in the past, I have been lucky enough to have been involved with a big brand company that produced a number of TV commercials over a number of years. It is not unlikely that these big brand competitors will spend in excess of $50,000 just to produce their TV ad before they spend a single cent on getting their ads to air (and the costs to air their TV ads make the ad production costs seem minute).Needless to say that a powerful, well planned & local SEO campaign for your small business could cost you less than $15,000 for the entire year.You can rest assured that SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is giving back the advantage to small businesses during a time when they need it the most.Is your small business engaging an affordable, SEO professional to market your business online?